Scratch Repair

We have a number of methods of repairing scratches to paintwork.
Some light scratches can be sanded back and machine polished back to a gloss finish to either remove them completely or reduce their appearance.

We can also buff the entire vehicle with a compound specially formulated for older paintwork and then seal it with a polish. This process can remove light scratches and marks, such as those picked up in car parks and from using automatic car washes, and restore a dull finish to a deep shine, which is a cost effective alternative to painting panels to give a vehicles paint work a new lease of life;-especially useful if you are selling your vehicle. Machine polishing is also very effective on faded paintwork and transforms the look of your car. We also offer a valeting service and when coupled with wheel refurbishment you can drastically improve the look of your vehicle, increase its value at minimal cost.

Deep scratches, scuffs or scrapes in metal panels or plastic bumpers can be sanded back, primed and painted to return the panels back to as new condition.

In certain areas we can do a part panel smart repair to keep costs down but still give a perfect finish. We will always offer this if we feel it will give an effective repair and not sacrifice the quality of the job.

We mix paint in house. The paint we use is a water based system made by Lechler. We have a computer controlled mixing scheme and chromatic colour chips which we use to produce the best colour match possible. We use also use solvent basecoats when required. We use a high quality lacquer to give a deep shine and hard wearing finish to your car's paintwork.

We are also highly experienced in colour blending which means we can offer a perfect colour match for your vehicle. For a quote please call in and see us.

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